Becoming a Better Tarot Reader

So tonight I tried my hand at my first multi-card spread. It’s a five-card linear spread I found on the forums at Aeclectic Tarot on how to become a better Tarot reader. Basically it goes, from left to right, thus:

  1. What you already do well
  2. What you need to improve
  3. External sources for improvement
  4. Internal approaches for improvement
  5. Overall advice

I thought that it would be pretty straightforward in terms of card selection and interpretation, and I figured I ought to have some sense of where I might need to focus my attention right away. My cards were:

  1. Ace of Cups
  2. The High Priestess
  3. Page of Wands
  4. 2 of Pentacles
  5. Ace of Swords

My interpretation is this: the Ace of Cups represents fulfillment, creativity, and love. It indicates a great capacity for all of these things, and in the “Do Well” position indicates my capacity to use the cards in a creative and fulfilling way. I like to think I’m a pretty open-minded fellow, so I expected something along these lines.

In the “Need to Improve” position the High Priestess suggests I need to be somewhat more intuitive and trust the unconscious voice. The High Priestess is unquestioning of the source of her knowledge; her understanding simply is. Her instinctive awareness of all that is comes with a tremendous responsibility, and I must understand and respect the ability of the cards, and my position as a reader, if I am to have the great honor of being successful at this craft.

In the “External Sources” position, the Page of Wands represents the vast network of other readers that I have access to through the Internet, though I need to be somewhat selective in the advice I choose to take. The Page can be a bit extravagant and has some high ideals and it is best to keep one foot on solid ground to help maintain balance.

The “Internal Approaches” card, the Two of Pentacles, suggests a need to find balance, but to tap into the infinite reaches of the internal mind. The lemniscate often formed by the two coins is a pretty clear symbol of infinity, but also vaguely recalls a Klein bottle, wherein the bottle contains the whole of everything, since the inside is also the outside. Combined with the Priestess, this underscores the need to trust the intuitive mind (what my drawing teacher called the Lizard Brain).

The final card, the “Overall Advice” position, was the Ace of Swords, which is suggestive of prowess and victory. Swords are double-edged, though, and I need to remember to keep a balance between the logical and the emotional in order to fully and successfully interpret the cards I pull.

All in all, I think this was a useful spread and, though I didn’t learn much I didn’t already suspect, it did reinforce some of what I already had in mind. I can be a little too logical at times, and I tend to be most successful when I turn off the Talking Brain and let the Lizard Brain run things for a while. My daily draw this morning was Temperance, which can signify a time of spiritual awakening. I think I’ve found the right path, and as long as I trust my instincts I won’t lose my way.

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