A Little Bit About Your Narrator

Okay, so:

My name is Sean. I’m in my late 20s and live on the East coast with my lovely wife and two remarkably obnoxious cats. I’m an Operations manager in the musical instrument retail industry and have been playing guitar since high school. I sang in a band for three years with some really great guys and one of them officiated my wedding. I went to college for art and dropped out, then tried again for web design and that one stuck. I’ve always been an artist at heart and my mom says I’ve been drawing since I was old enough to hold a pencil. 

That is how I wound up doing this.

A while back I decided I wanted to get into painting and thought watercolor would be a fine place to start. I’m not convinced that was a wise decision. Anyway, I pulled out the brush set I got for Christmas a couple years ago and the watercolors I got for Christmas several years before that and the pad of watercolor paper I had bought last year when I needed something more toothy for a drawing I submitted to a show… and realized I had no idea what to paint.

Landscapes can be beautiful but don’t hold my attention long enough. Portraits are tough enough to get right even with a pencil or charcoal, let alone with paint and a complete lack of experience. 

So I thought that painting Tarot cards would be fun. The imagery is relatively well-established, and I can approach the figures and color theory from an illustrative angle and it’ll all be lots of fun and I’ll learn how to use watercolors and everything will be fine.

So, I started researching the Tarot. I began to use a combination of Google Image Search and resources like this site and others to find some cards, and learn some of the symbolism present and how I could represent those symbols in my paintings. I picked four cards based on what I thought would be fun and easy to paint.

Then I thought I should go to the library and get a book on watercolor and a book on Tarot.

Then I thought I should go to the bookstore and pick up a deck. You know. Just to look at. Just to see.

All the research I’d done suggested sleeping with the cards under your pillow for a while. I did that. Then I asked my wife to make a nice little pouch for them with some scrap linen we had laying around. I put the cards in their pouch in a nice wooden cigar box that smells of tobacco and cedar and spice and orange and put it in the living room on an end table that we use for an altar. It’s easy to get to from the dining room table where we have breakfast.

I thought I should start drawing a single card every day, after breakfast, with my tea. You know. Just to see. Just to start.

So here I am, two and a half weeks or so into owning a deck, with four finished paintings wrapped in tracing paper underneath my bed and no idea where to go now.

Maybe this is why I pulled The Fool this morning at the table…

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